Alfa Pizza



The 4 Pizze oven is designed for the family. Its wide mouth and proportions make the 4 Pizze oven handy, fast and most of all versatile. With 4 Pizze you can cook grilled meat, fish, roasts and above all great pizzas. Its small size makes it possible to enter any place.

  • The inner dome is made ​​of thermal, light and robust stainless steel.
  • The double ceramic fibre insulation retains heat for a long time and consumes very little wood.
  • The cooking floor of the 4 Pizze oven is made of refractory material like pizzeria ovens.
  • Using the wheels, it can be easily moved both indoors and outdoors without a problem!
  • At the end of the evening, if you let it cool for a few minutes, you can bake up to four 1.5 kg loaves of bread.
  • Included with the wood oven garden there are also wood holder , a grid , a pan , a fork and cookbook  Alfa Pizza .

Available Colors:

copper      Hammersmith Copper

antique-red      Red

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Minutes to heat up 20
No. of pizzas at a time four
Number of pizzas in 15 minutes 14
Bread baking (Kg) 4
Average consumption (Kg/h) 4
Floor area (mq) 0,48
Cooking floor (cm) 80×60
Flue (cm) ∅ 15,0
Width (cm) 155,0
Depth (cm) 88,0
Total height (cm) 202,0
Weight (kg) 140,0
Mouth width (cm) 68,0
Mouth height (cm) 22,0
Maximum temperature (°C)


Available colors Copperhammersmith copper Antique redred



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